Bitter Spritz Old

By Ed Procter

Summer Spritz Ready

Summer Spritz Ready

    By Ed Procter

    That first truly sunny weekend of the year is magical. The winter, which might have only officially finished mere weeks ago, fades into a distant memory. Deck chairs are dusted off, sunscreen is fished out of the back of the cabinet & everyone’s mind is on getting out into the sun with a good drink.

    Summer drinking takes on a different shine to drinks at other times of the year. A cool, refreshing & effervescent drink is the perfect partner for a sunny afternoon, whether it be spent in the garden, dining on a restaurant terrace, or at a picnic in the park.

    Æcorn Spritzes might just be the ultimate summer drink. Functionally, of course, they keep us cool & hydrated, but they also seem to taste even better in the sunshine: the bubbles feel brighter, the flavours more pronounced & there are few things more tantalising than a drip of condensation making its slow trail down the curve of an ice-frosted wine glass.

    Perhaps, given the circumstances this summer, we will take an extra moment to fully appreciate how special something as simple as sharing a cool, refreshing drink with friends or family in the sunshine can be.

    They say that with absence the heart grows fonder, and if you’re anything like us, you’re truly yearning for some great weather, great time with friends & some great drinks.



Some summer drinks are so good you could swim in them:

    Æcorn Spritz

    In a wine glass full of ice, add 50ml Æcorn Bitter and top with something bubbly, like Fever-tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda.

    Garnish with a juicy orange wedge.

RL Aecorn S1 Cup Jug Serve W1b


    Æcorn Punch

    To make the perfect sharing serve (for six), grab a jug full of ice & add 300ml of Æcorn Aromatic.

    Top this up with Fever-Tree Sicilian cloudy lemonade & garnish your cups with strawberry, orange & mint.