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What we love

Long evenings with friends around a dinner table. Nights in with a 12” pizza, the one you love & a movie. A Spritz in the park after work.

We believe that the act of sitting down with great food, friends & drinks should be something we can all enjoy, whether we’re drinking or not. Here at Æcorn we love Spritzing, mixing & the joy of many small plates filled with delicious things, which is why we created our range of delicious non-alcoholic aperitifs.

Inspired by lazy afternoons sat in cafes across Europe, sipping bitter drinks & nibbling salty snacks, we set out to create a very British take on the traditional aperitivo.

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We like to keep our social, social. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you Spritz with us after work or with friends & through the weekend.

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The Æcorn family

So, what exactly is an aperitif?

Great food deserved great drinks. When enjoyed together, they help to bring us closer by connecting us more deeply with new friends & old. Wherever you are, at home or in the bar, the enjoyment of a delicious aperitif sparks connection & great conversation.

There are many different types of aperitifs & many of them are herbal, botanically rich & crucially, bitter. It’s these bitter flavours that send signals to the digestive system, awakening the appetite & preparing the body for a meal. Meaning ‘to open’, aperitifs come in many guises & traditionally contained alcohol. Until now.

With the array of incredible ingredients available to us today, we believe that a great tasting aperitif doesn’t need to contain any alcohol. Like traditional aperitifs, Æcorn uses many bitter ingredients & botanicals to create delicious complexity, all alcohol-free.

How is Æcorn made?

(aka, the tasty bit)

We begin with hand-picked English sparkling wine grapes, grown on a beautiful vineyard in Sussex. These grapes are hand-picked when they change colour & are pressed within 12 hours. This grape base is wonderfully bright, tart & refreshing, with many of the same textural qualities as wine. It is carefully blended with acorns – our namesake (yep, you say Æcorn like acorn) – as well as other bitter botanicals to create our unique range of non-alcoholic aperitifs: Æcorn Bitter, Æcorn Dry & Æcorn Aromatic.

Made for Spritzing & mixing, Æcorn can be enjoyed Spritz-style or mixed to make non-alcoholic cocktails. Browse our tasty AF recipes here & let us whet your appetite for delicious non-alcoholic drinks. Getting together never tasted so good.


Claire has worked in the drinks industry for more years than she’d like to admit & is passionate about all things food & drinks related. Spending many years perfecting great tasting spirits led her to Ben & together they created Æcorn. Combining both Claire & Ben’s love of the natural world, great tasting drinks & long evenings sat around messy dinner tables putting the world to rights, Æcorn is designed to give everyone a seat at the table.


Inspired by the Art of Distillation, the same book that held the secrets to Acorn wine, Ben experimented with distilling herbs growing in his garden & invented the original non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip. Ben’s obsession with design & nature led him to seek out Claire’s help in inventing another brand to not only complement Seedlip but rival the European Aperitif tradition of botanically rich drinks. Now both Seedlip & Æcorn are leading the no & low drinks category that grows every year.