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We believe that the act of sitting down with great food, friends and drinks should be something we can all enjoy, whether we’re drinking or not.

Here at Æcorn we love Spritzing, mixing and the joy of many small plates filled with delicious things.

Our non-alcoholic range of aperitifs is big, bold, expressive and complex and is designed for Spritzing, mixing and to accompany small plates. Inspired by lazy afternoons sat in cafes across Europe, sipping bitter drinks and nibbling salty snacks, we set out to create a very British take on the traditional aperitivo.

Æcorn has hand-picked English sparkling wine grapes at its base, grown on a beautiful vineyard in Sussex. This grape base is wonderfully bright, tart and refreshing with many of the same textural qualities as wine. It is carefully blended with the eponymous acorn as well as other deliciously bitter botanicals to create three unique, delicious aperitifs: Æcorn Bitter, Æcorn Dry & Æcorn Aromatic.

Wherever you are, at home or in the bar, enjoying an aperitif sparks joyful connection and great conversation. We want you to be able to take a seat and Spritz with Us. Getting together never tasted so good.

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